Knot for everyone
Proposal for '3D' Mural as part of BBC documentary (Unrealised)
Lord Street, East Belfast

Proposal for a mural in Unionist East Belfast neighbourhood. A project initiated by a local community group and involving a BBC documentary about 3 local young men developing the mural and the needed skills related to the process. I was asked to advise on the project.

Key concepts included creating something unique, positive, and with themes relating to community, time (past, present, future), and the huge Belfast Ropeworks factory that used to be nearby providing employment for many.

Interlocking ropes in a 'square knot', taken from a rope tying chart. This would be cut and routered, being raised off the wall by a few inches. Its design is to suggest a bringing together, an overlap, a connection and 'bridging'. It also references a Venn diagram and the infinity symbol: ∞. The background is a a scifi paperback or cgi inspired horizon; a computerised future landscape. It is vividly coloured to offset the predominantly black, grey, white, and red colour palette used in local murals, and represents both dawn and dusk in a sort of mirrored configuration.


What the wall looked like a few years ago.

Borrowing exactly from the cover of a scifi book, this was my favourite design.

East Belfast
The final design ended up being influenced by my proposal but included changes to include as many of the community's wishes as possible.