"The Man With the Golden Gun"
Turn to Red, with Stephen Gunning, Maryam Jafri, Sean Lynch, and Suzanne Treister, curated by Paul McAree/Flood
3 James Joyce St, Dublin
24 November 2012 – 26 January 2013

"FLOOD announces its first exhibition in Dublin, Turn To Red, with artists Stephen Gunning (Ireland), Maryam Jafri (USA/Pakistan), Sean Lynch (Ireland), Jim Ricks (USA/Ireland), and Suzanne Treister (UK)

Taking it’s lead from Killing Joke’s 1979 song Turn to Red, which sought to document the spirit of the atomic age, this exhibition features artists whose work on the one hand reflects a heightened sense of awareness of the social and political dynamic within which we live, while on the other uses an economy of means and an awareness of materials influenced by the subject matter...

Jim Ricks’ The Man With The Golden Gun is a specially created installation based on the media reportage of the death of Gaddafi. Ricks has recreated the drainage tunnels where the dictator was found and shot, re-presenting the location as a stage set. By openly imitating art and life through available means and materials he explores the grey area between flattery and theft, while re-wiring history into a new narrative.

FLOOD is a project curated by Paul McAree. FLOOD is based at the James Joyce Street location until May 2013, during which time it will present 3 exhibitions. Previous projects include a commissioned publication by artist Kevin Atherton, and projects with Theresa Nanigian, Terry Atkinson, and Flávia Müller Medeiros."

jim ricks

jim ricks