Nehmen sie TUMBLR ernst, es lohnt sich!
6th Annual 126 Members' show
Selected by Katherine Waugh
January – February 2013

An A3 sign with the text "Nehmen sie TUMBLR ernst, es lohnt sich!", positioned high on the wall.   It means: Take TUMBLR seriously, it is worth it!

It is based on a poster that featured in the 1st International Dada Fair in 1920, which had the word DADA instead of TUMBLR.  This same slogan was also used by the Nazi's in the Entarte Kunst (Degenerate Art Show) to mock the Dadaist and Modern.

My idea stems from encountering a book of Hannah Höch's research titled Album.  It is a reproduction of a scrapbook she kept of images.  It frequently features 'the exotic', oddities, cats and nude woman, etc. and works as a loosely collaged archive.  The similarity to the likes of the Tumblr Famous is remarkable. See http://mollysoda.tumblr.com/ or http://putapants.tumblr.com/ for example. Indeed Tumblr can act as a giant, frequently confrontationaly absurdist, collage in its discordant mish-mash of visual information.

The poster is here. Feel free to print and show.

jim ricks

jim ricks

"126 is delighted to present the 6th Annual 126 Members’ Show. 

The show attracted a large number of submissions from a wide spectrum of both  local and international artists, and the work submitted for the exhibition reflected many of the significant aesthetic, conceptual and political concerns of the artistic community. Many of the works in the exhibition emphasise the ongoing re-engagement with the materiality of the object in the face of perceived challenges created by a dematerialisation fostered by the virtual, and seek to explore the disintegrating boundaries between technology, nature and the human. Painting continues to prove itself as a vibrant form within the Galway art scene, and this was reflected in both the variety and number of painters who submitted their work.

The video art in the show contrasts artistic practices which seek to engage with the aesthetic power of the moving image pared down to its primary elements with experimental video work which explores the origins of cinema through a contemporary digital filter. Photography is represented in work which varies from the poignant and politically framed images from a Belgrade-born artist's project Asylum Archive, through to work which plays with layered cultural references of both a cinematic and literary nature.

This year, 21 artists have been selected to exhibit. The selected artists are Tim Acheson, Julian Astellara, Asylum Archive, Catherine Barragry, Jane Cassidy, Cecilia Danell, Matthew Doherty, Mollie Douthit, Sean Guinan, Levi Hanes, Austin D.H. Ivers, Robin Jones, Marielle Mac Leman, Tim O'Connell, Tadhg O'Cuirrin, Will O'Kane, Cormac O'Neill, Jim Ricks, Kristian Smith, Joan Sugrue and Ruby Wallis.

126 is very grateful for the continued support of its membership. 


jim ricks hannah hoch

jim ricks hannah hoch
Hannah Höch's Album

jim ricks
1st International Dada Fair

jim ricks dada
Entarte Kunst (Degenerate Art Show)