What’s on your mind?
Nina Amazing, Moira Brady, Michelle Doyle, Bríd Egan, Margot Kenny, Chris Leach, Jonathan Mayhew, Grace McEvoy, Sarah Likes Mixtapes, Linda Monks, Jessica Margurte Murphy, Alcide Nikopol, Esteban Ruiz, Iosaf Seosamh, and Saoirse Wall. Curated by Jim Ricks
The Sarah Pierce Gallery
Temple Bar Gallery and Studios, Dublin 2
April 11, 2013

This exhibition is curated based on a Facebook post by Jim Ricks on February 20th, 2013. It read: "I will be curating an exhibition based solely on the comments I receive to this post. I look forward to your reply."

There were numerous responses from around the world ranging from the ridiculous to the rude; from the research driven to the poetic. Ricks selected several comments on that day and will present them on Thursday April 11th, 2013. This is a net based group show, with mainly printed material. Ricks is presenting a one day exhibition in a new gallery space called The Sarah Pierce gallery (look up). No permission was granted for this event.

With an expressed interest in on-demand, temporary, permissionless, maybe authorless, certainly craftless, unexpected and unauthorized exhibitions, the idea of activating disused spaces and providing agency for other artists is an ongoing theme in Ricks's hybridized practice. His activities have been described as "de-barrierising the obvious" as he plays with gray areas in the art world and the aura of the exhibition. The project is an extension of other related events and works as it looks to ownership, property, boundaries by using impromptu, even absurd tactics that address power shifts, hierarchies, access, and the erosion of the role or position of power that the curator often takes.

As the language does not really exist to characterise this type of art activity, it can be difficult to explain, but essentially it is a curatorial performance. It is an attempt to come to terms with my own uneasiness with the standards of the Artworld, a look at what and who 'makes' the art, it is a critique. Issues of reproduction, permission, misrepresentation, and anonymous sourcing are fundamental. It will also be a nod to Dadaism, the 1960's-70's Art Worker movement, Marcel Broodthaers, Michale Asher, Triple Candie, the long, proud history of institutional critique, etc.

The exhibition can be downloaded here.

jim ricks

jim ricks