Artists from Monster Truck Studios (Dublin) and Engage Art Studios (Galway)
Ella Burke, Ann Maria Healy, Steve McCarthy, Angela O’Brien, Lesley Ann O’Connell, Tadhg O’Cuirín, Noilin O’Kelly and Jim Ricks. Curated by Jim Ricks
The Niland Gallery
11 – 24 July 2011

An artistic ‘face off’ between Monster Truck Studios (Dublin) and Engage Art Studios (Galway) at The Niland Gallery, Merchant’s Road, Galway. 4 artists from each studio will exhibit side by side. This pairing of studios includes a diverse range of practices with painting, large scale photographs, digital works, monumental sculptures and drawings.

Included Noilin O’Kelly, Ella Burke, Lesley Ann O’Connell and Steve McCarthy from Monster Truck and Ann Maria Healy, Angela O’Brien, Tadhg O’Cuirrin and Jim Ricks from Engage. The Niland Gallery is an Engage Art Studios project and is made possible by the generous support of the Niland family and the Arts Council.