Sluice Art Fair
presents Nina Amazing, Maggie Madden, Jim Ricks and Marcel Vidal
19 – 20 October 2013

The work of Nina AmazingMaggie Madden, and Marcel Vidal, with daily performances by Toby Caldicott as organised and conceived by Jim Ricks, was shown at Sluice Art Fair in London this October 19 – 20.

This exhibition focuses on the artists related methodologies. Each work and each artist appropriates and reworks found images and materials into thoughtful sculptural installations, detailed watercolours, digital collages, and a piece in which the participant joins in rap subculture.

Nina Amazing is a cancer researcher–cum–artist based in Galway, Ireland. A genuine outsider to the artworld, Amazing’s practice is an ongoing series of monumental digital collage narratives where Spandex-clad fictional characters face off with ‘derailed’ popular icons in a decadent, disturbing and fantastic world of her making that make reference to Geocities, fitness advertisements, tabloids, and historical battle paintings

Using everyday materials Maggie Madden create specific works in response to the spaces she installs in. With considered assembly, recycled materials are reassembled to redefine space and their own identities. Rubber wall base strips cuts vertically to the ceiling and collects on the floor. The literal use of framing to create a ‘line drawing’ in this installation elusively detourns the traditional gallery architecture of the cube.

Marcel Vidal’s practice focuses on drawing, sculpture and building site-specific installations that are imbued with iconography. Stunning and technically adept watercolours which are equal parts allure and repulsion to luxury, glamour, and fame. He places himself as the creator of the ultimate adept fan art in this series of Tumblr Famous girls. Exploring illusion, vanity, fame, leaders and followers.

Toby Caldicott is a television art director and professional tattoo artist. In Wu Tang Forever Free WuTang tattoos are provided to members of the public. The relational performance was organised and conceived by Jim Ricks. This piece works with issues of the imitation, permissionless, subcultures, memes, divergence, and doppelgängers and asks can Wu Tang Clan sue its fans for ripping off their logo if its tattooed on their bodies?

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Marcel Vidal
Maggie Madden
Nina Amazing
Jim Ricks ‘Wu-Tang Forever’ with Toby Caldicott
Jim Ricks ‘Wu-Tang Forever’ with Toby Caldicott