Ready Made.
The Sarah Pierce Gallery
Temple Bar Gallery and Studios, Dublin 2
March 4, 2015

20 years ago, Temple Bar Gallery and Studios refurbished the warehouse/factory style buildings it was housed in through a major renovation. This ‘new’ building featured common ground floor work rooms for sculpture, a large opening through the central space intended to deliver light to all floors, but also for hoisting large canvases (although only ever used twice, once by Robert Armstong and once by me), and a black and white photography darkroom.

As the majority of all photographic work has shifted to digital technology in the last 15 years, the photography studio was transitioned into general artistic use; the darkroom became disused, stripped of it’s equipment, and ostensibly a large cumbersome closet. In the first week of March, 2015 it was permanently demolished, so to expand the usable studio space.

Given the finality of this act, and significance of this global shift in production, the debris from this razing was declared an exhibition.